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Joe satriani up in the sky

"up in the sky" is a MIDI music piece in Rock style, played by an ensemble of 14 instruments including Electric Bass (finger), unknown, Acoustic Bass Drum, Bass Drum 1, Acoustic Snare, and Low Floor Tom.

The total duration of this midi music is 3 minutes and 58 seconds, with a total of 2,364 notes, Stored in a TYPE 0 format file which has only one track, and a single tempo of 147bpm.

The key signature marked in the MIDI file is C major, the marked beat is 4/4.

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Copyright: Copyright ゥ 1998 by silversurfer


Standard Midi File Properties

Standard Midi File Properties

Channels and Instruments

Used 2 channels, 1 instrument, 13 percussion instruments

  • 1
    Electric Bass (finger)

    Electric Bass (finger)

    1,137 notes/chords,avg. pitch F#1

    Program ID: 33, Track: 0

    time: 00:01 - 03:57

    pitch: D1 - E2

  • 10

    percussion instruments

    Acoustic Bass Drum Bass Drum 1 Acoustic Snare Low Floor Tom High Floor Tom Low Tom Low Mid Tom High Mid Tom High Tom Splash Cymbal Crash Cymbal 2 Ride Cymbal 2


only 1 track is used, 1 track has notes

# Name Channel(s) Instrument(s)
0 untitled 1, 10 Electric Bass (finger) Acoustic Bass DrumBass Drum 1Acoustic SnareLow Floor TomHigh Floor TomLow TomLow Mid TomHigh Mid TomHigh TomSplash CymbalCrash Cymbal 2Ride Cymbal 2

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