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What is MIDI?

Have you ever wondered why a keyboard or digital piano can send musical notes to the computer? They are probably different brands, why can they be used together? Because they follow the same standard! This standard is called MIDI. MIDI is like a common language between them. Every instrument speaks this language and can understand this language, so they can work together!

If you save human language on your computer in the form of text, it's a text file (*.txt). If you save the language between electronic musical instruments on your computer in the form of MIDI data, it's a MIDI music file (*.mid).

MIDI music files are mainly used by music creators. The "MIDI music download" mentioned in the MidiShow website refers to downloading MIDI files.

What's the difference between MIDI files and most audio files such as mp3?

Just like human language, if you save it in the form of text, it's a text file, and if you save it in the form of audio, it's an mp3 file. If you save music in the form of MIDI, it's a midi file similar to a text file, not an audio file.

Aren’t the MIDI files just music scores?

You're so smart! MIDI files ARE the "music scores" for electronic musical instruments! And it's easy to convert into music scores that humans can read!

What is the use of MIDI technology?

Poets can write beautiful poems if they master the human language. Once you have mastered MIDI technology, you can create music! MIDI technology is indispensable for music creators. The midi file is not like ordinary audio files. It is very small and it is easy to make detailed modifications and polishes to the notes in it. There are as many as 128 instruments in the General MIDI standard (GM). Once you have mastered this technique, you will have mastered the ability to conduct a large orchestra. How they play is completely up to you!

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