Ride Like The Wind Christopher Cross

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"Ride Like The Wind Christopher Cross" is a MIDI music piece in Pop Music style, played by an ensemble of 24 instruments including Steel String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Alto Sax, Syn Brass 1, Choir Aahs, Ensemble Strings, and Trombone.

The total duration of this midi music is 3 minutes and 42 seconds, with a total of 5,465 notes, divided into 12 tracks, and a single tempo of 124bpm.

The key signature marked in the MIDI file is E♭ major, the marked beat is 4/4.

Some MIDI events such as pitch wheel, Channel Volume Control, Modulation Wheel, Pan, Sustain pedal are used, to enhance the quality.

Meta Text

@KMIDI KARAOKE FILE @V0100 @I Lyrics entered by Raphael Pungin @I email: br326@cleveland.freenet.edu
@LENGL @TRIDE LIKE THE WIND @TChristopher Cross \It  is  the  night.  My  bo dy's  weak. /I'm  on  the  run.  No  time  to  sleep. \I've  got  to  ride. /Ride  like  the  wind  to  be  free  a gain. \And  I  got  such  a  long  way  to  go. /To  make  it  to  the  bor der  of  Mex i co. \So  I'll  ride  like  the  wind. /Ride  like  the  wind. \I  was  born  the  son  of  a  law less  man. /Al ways  spoke  my  mind  with  a  gun  in  my  hand. \Lived  nine  lives,  gunned  down  ten. /Gon na  ri

Pop Music   

Standard Midi File Properties

Standard Midi File Properties

Channels and Instruments

Used 9 channels, 8 instruments, 16 percussion instruments

  • 2
    Steel String Guitar

    Steel String Guitar

    509 notes/chords,avg. pitch F#3

    Program ID: 25, Track: 25

    time: 00:03 - 03:41

    pitch: C1 - F5

  • 3
    Fingered Bass

    Fingered Bass

    406 notes/chords,avg. pitch A#1

    Program ID: 33, Track: 33

    time: 00:03 - 03:41

    pitch: F1 - F2

  • 4
    Alto Sax

    Alto Sax

    254 notes/chords,avg. pitch E4

    Program ID: 65, Track: 65

    time: 00:33 - 03:10

    pitch: A#3 - A#4

  • 5
    Syn Brass 1

    Syn Brass 1

    131 notes/chords,avg. pitch C4

    Program ID: 62, Track: 62

    time: 00:03 - 03:41

    pitch: F3 - D#5

  • 6
    Ensemble Strings

    Ensemble Strings

    88 notes/chords,avg. pitch C5

    Program ID: 48, Track: 48

    time: 00:19 - 03:41

    pitch: G3 - G6

  • 7
    Choir Aahs

    Choir Aahs

    113 notes/chords,avg. pitch A4

    Program ID: 52, Track: 52

    time: 01:37 - 03:41

    pitch: C4 - D5

  • 8
    Overdrive Guitar

    Overdrive Guitar

    24 notes/chords,avg. pitch D#4

    Program ID: 29, Track: 29

    time: 00:52 - 03:00

    pitch: C4 - A#4

  • 9


    27 notes/chords,avg. pitch A#2

    Program ID: 57, Track: 57

    time: 02:07 - 03:08

    pitch: G2 - C3

  • 10

    percussion instruments

    Acoustic Bass Drum Acoustic Snare Hand Clap Closed Hi-Hat High Floor Tom Low Tom Open Hi-Hat Low Mid Tom High Mid Tom Crash Cymbal 1 Ride Cymbal 1 Crash Cymbal 2 Low Bongo Mute High Conga Open High Conga Low Conga


12 tracks are used, 9 tracks have notes

# Name Channel(s) Instrument(s)
1 Soft Karaoke
2 Words
3 Melody 4 Alto Sax
4 Background Vocals 7 Choir Aahs
5 Acoustic Guitar 2 Steel String Guitar
6 Bass 3 Fingered Bass
7 Brass 5 Syn Brass 1
8 Strings 6 Ensemble Strings
9 Electric Guitar 8 Overdrive Guitar
10 Trombone 9 Trombone
11 Drums 10 Acoustic Bass DrumAcoustic SnareHand ClapClosed Hi-HatHigh Floor TomLow TomOpen Hi-HatLow Mid TomHigh Mid TomCrash Cymbal 1Ride Cymbal 1Crash Cymbal 2Low BongoMute High CongaOpen High CongaLow Conga

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