Paradigm Shift (guitar pro)

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来自Liquid Tension Experiment 1998年令人兴奋的一张同名演奏专辑的第一首歌,Liquid Tension Experiment 由 Dream Theater的吉他手John Petrucci、鼓手Mike Portnoy,与King Crimson的bass手Tony Levin,Dixie Dregs的keyboard手Jordan Rudess所组成。John Petrucci为Dream Theater乐迷以及吉他爱好者所钟爱的演奏家之一!

"Paradigm Shift (guitar pro)" is a MIDI music piece in Rock style, played by an ensemble of 16 instruments including Acoustic Bass Drum, Acoustic Snare, Low Floor Tom, Closed Hi-Hat, High Floor Tom, and Pedal Hi-Hat.

The total duration of this midi music is 8 minutes and 42 seconds, with a total of 3,793 notes, divided into 1 track, the initial tempo is 210bpm, the min tempo is 69bpm.

marked beats are 3/4、6/4、4/4、5/8、6/8.

Composer: John Petrucci(Liquid Tension Experiment)


Standard Midi File Properties

Standard Midi File Properties

Channels and Instruments

Used 1 channel, 0 instruments, 16 percussion instruments

  • 10

    percussion instruments

    Acoustic Bass Drum Acoustic Snare Low Floor Tom Closed Hi-Hat High Floor Tom Pedal Hi-Hat Low Tom Open Hi-Hat Low Mid Tom High Mid Tom Crash Cymbal 1 Ride Cymbal 1 Chinese Cymbal Ride Bell Splash Cymbal Crash Cymbal 2


only 1 track is used, 1 track has notes

# Name Channel(s) Instrument(s)
0 Drumkit 10 Acoustic Bass DrumAcoustic SnareLow Floor TomClosed Hi-HatHigh Floor TomPedal Hi-HatLow TomOpen Hi-HatLow Mid TomHigh Mid TomCrash Cymbal 1Ride Cymbal 1Chinese CymbalRide BellSplash CymbalCrash Cymbal 2

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