Red Wine Ub 40

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There's nothing like a duck!


"Red Wine Ub 40" is a MIDI music piece in Pop Music style, played by an ensemble of 15 instruments including Acoustic Bass, Steel Drums, Ice Rain, Muted Trumpet, Whistle, and Bass Drum 1.

The total duration of this midi music is 3 minutes and 25 seconds, with a total of 5,104 notes, divided into 13 tracks, and a single tempo of 93bpm.

This MIDI file uses the GS standard, which is Roland General Standard.

The key signature marked in the MIDI file is C major, the marked beat is 4/4.

Some MIDI events such as pitch wheel, Pan are used.

Meta Text

@KMIDI KARAOKE FILE @V0100 @ILyrics entered with WinKaraoke Creator 1.1 @I@Lyrics & Karaoked by LUKE ! @I@Copyright 1996
@LENGL @T*RED RED WINE* @Tby UB40 \Red  red  wine  /goes  to  my  head  /make  me  for get  that  i  still  need  you  so  \Red  red  wine  /it's  up  to  you  /all  i  can  do  i've  done  /memo ries  won't  go  /memo ries  won't  go  \I  wish  for  that  with  time  /thought  of  you  leave  my  head  /i  was  wrong  now  i  find...  /just one thing  makes  me  for get  \Red  red  wine  /stay  close  to  me  /don't  let  me  be  a lone  /stay  with me  don't  part  /my  blue  heart  \I  wish  

Pop Music   

Standard Midi File Properties

Standard Midi File Properties

Channels and Instruments

Used 6 channels, 5 instruments, 10 percussion instruments

  • 1


    32 notes/chords,avg. pitch G#4

    Program ID: 78, Track: 78

    time: 00:51 - 02:04

    pitch: C#4 - D#6

  • 4
    Ice Rain

    Ice Rain

    312 notes/chords,avg. pitch F4

    Program ID: 96, Track: 96

    time: 00:02 - 03:24

    pitch: F#3 - C5

  • 5
    Muted Trumpet

    Muted Trumpet

    239 notes/chords,avg. pitch B4

    Program ID: 59, Track: 59

    time: 00:01 - 03:04

    pitch: C#4 - F#5

  • 6
    Acoustic Bass

    Acoustic Bass

    629 notes/chords,avg. pitch G2

    Program ID: 32, Track: 32

    time: 00:02 - 03:24

    pitch: F#1 - D#6

  • 8
    Steel Drums

    Steel Drums

    320 notes/chords,avg. pitch E5

    Program ID: 114, Track: 114

    time: 00:02 - 03:24

    pitch: C#4 - F#6

  • 10

    percussion instruments

    Bass Drum 1 Side Stick Acoustic Snare Low Floor Tom Closed Hi-Hat Low Tom Open Hi-Hat High Mid Tom High Timbale Cabase


13 tracks are used, 6 tracks have notes

# Name Channel(s) Instrument(s)
1 Soft Karaoke
2 Words
3 Red Red Wine by UB40 5 Muted Trumpet
4 Re-voiced by : Matt Armstrong 6 Acoustic Bass
5 This is about the best I can do 8 Steel Drums
6 If playing on Awe32 use GS 4 Ice Rain
7 Many thanks to the orig. artist 1 Whistle
8 DRUMS 10 Bass Drum 1Side StickAcoustic SnareLow Floor TomClosed Hi-HatLow TomOpen Hi-HatHigh Mid TomHigh TimbaleCabase
9 "Red Red Wine"
10 UB40
11 look at The best of MIDI

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