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"Monkees Tv Theme" is a MIDI music piece in Pop Music style, played by an ensemble of 12 instruments including Clean Guitar, Picked Bass, Perc Organ, Steel String Guitar, Space Vox, and Acoustic Bass Drum.

The total duration of this midi music is 1 minute and 14 seconds, with a total of 1,890 notes, divided into 20 tracks, and a single tempo of 165bpm.

The key signature marked in the MIDI file is C major, the marked beat is 4/4.

Some MIDI events such as Channel Volume Control are used.

Meta Text

@LENGL @TMonkee's TV Theme @TMonkees \Here  we  come,  walk in' /Down  the  street. /We  get  the  funn i est  looks  from \Ev' ry  one  we  meet. /Hey,  hey,  we're  the  Monk ees /And  peop le  say  we  monk ey  a round. \But  we're  too  bus y  sing ing /To  put  an y bod y  down. \We  go  wher ever  we  want  to, /do  what  we  like  to  do /We  don't  have  time  to get  rest less, \There  is  al ways  some thing  new. /Hey,  hey,  we're  the  Monk ees /And peop le  say  we  monk ey  a roun

Pop Music   

Standard Midi File Properties

Standard Midi File Properties

Channels and Instruments

Used 6 channels, 5 instruments, 7 percussion instruments

  • 1
    Picked Bass

    Picked Bass

    180 notes/chords,avg. pitch F#2

    Program ID: 34, Track: 34

    time: 00:02 - 01:13

    pitch: G1 - B2

  • 2
    Clean Guitar

    Clean Guitar

    343 notes/chords,avg. pitch A#3

    Program ID: 27, Track: 27

    time: 00:02 - 01:12

    pitch: E2 - E5

  • 3
    Steel String Guitar

    Steel String Guitar

    161 notes/chords,avg. pitch E4

    Program ID: 25, Track: 25

    time: 00:14 - 01:13

    pitch: F2 - F#5

  • 4
    Perc Organ

    Perc Organ

    168 notes/chords,avg. pitch D5

    Program ID: 17, Track: 17

    time: 00:02 - 01:12

    pitch: C4 - G#5

  • 5
    Space Vox

    Space Vox

    20 notes/chords,avg. pitch D5

    Program ID: 91, Track: 91

    time: 00:26 - 01:00

    pitch: B4 - F#5

  • 10

    percussion instruments

    Acoustic Bass Drum Acoustic Snare Pedal Hi-Hat Low Tom Open Hi-Hat Crash Cymbal 1 Tambourine


20 tracks are used, 6 tracks have notes

# Name Channel(s) Instrument(s)
1 Soft karaoke
2 Words
3 Drums 10 Acoustic Bass DrumAcoustic SnarePedal Hi-HatLow TomOpen Hi-HatCrash Cymbal 1Tambourine
4 Bass 1 Picked Bass
5 Electric Guitar 2 Clean Guitar
6 Acoustic Guitar 3 Steel String Guitar
7 Lead Vocal 4 Perc Organ
8 Backing Vocal 5 Space Vox
9 (Theme from) The Monkees
10 (TV Version)
11 Written by Tommy Boyce and
12 Bobby Hart
13 Performed by the Monkees
14 in 1966
15 Sequenced by
16 Michael J. Falk
18 ketchup/index.htm
19 Copyright _1996

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